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Tori stuff for Sale

Email me at king-missy@earthlink.net if you are interested in any of this stuff...prices are negotiable. I posted a list awhile back, this is updated and some things have been added, I'll remove things as they are taken.

Also, in the next couple of weeks look out for a massive postage only bootleg offer, I have many many boots in audio form that need good homes.

5.5 weeks Tour 5.5 min Prepaid phone card
Scarlet's Walk promo flat with detachable cards

45s (jukebox records with no picture sleeve):
1000 Oceans/Baker Baker
Bliss/Hey Jupiter

Choirgirl LP
UTP LP Pink Vinyl
Jackie's Strength/Father Lucifer Promo 12"
Voodoo Promo 12"

Magazines, etc:
Little Blue World Fanzine First 4 Volumes, 4 issues per volume
RDT Fanzine Summer 96 & spring 98
Illinois Entertainer Mar 05 x5
Laminated '01 newspaper ad promoting the Chicago show
Spin Mag Nov 99
Women Who Rock Mag fall 02 x2
AP Mag Oct 99
AP Mag Jul 98
AP Mag Oct 01 x2
Women Who Rock Mag Fall 01

8X10 Promo Photos:
I can't find a photo of the 4th, it's a promo from the BFP era, whe is wearing a white tank with a black strap and there appears to be spider webs around the upper left corner of the photo. I do have a pic of this I can email on request.
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